WE #LOVE TO MAKE YOU #SMILE but we want more... 

Did you know that somewhere in this world people walk up to 4 hours a day to get drinking water that might not even be drinkable? Did you know that still today more than 250 million kids lack basic education? 

We want to see a change in this world and we deeply believe that many little things can make a big difference.

We believe that clean drinking water and a basic education are fundamental rights that need to be accessible to anybody. 

This is why we support the Non Profit Organizations Pencils of Hope and Charitywater with 10% of all of our profits.

With every jar of CHARWHITE you buy you ensure that a child can go to school and drink clean water every day.

We can make this world an even better place. Be part of this movement.

Together we can get this done - one step at a time.